Antique Wood Sock Darner, Dec. 18, 1900

• Wood Sock Darner, Dated Dec. 18, 1900 Atq
• Wood Sock Darner, Dated Dec. 18, 1900 Atq
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• Wood Sock Darner, Dated Dec. 18, 1900 Atq
An antique Wood Sock Darner once an essential part of every sewing box.

Likely could very well be used today and holds most of its original looks. On the Chrome retainer Ring is: pat’d Dec. 18, 1900.


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Condition: Good, with use and wear. The chrome retainer holds most all of its original appearance with a minor speck of past oxidation in a limited patch. Handle end looks as though user wore a ring or similar, since some deep scratches show.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 4.25” x Dia: 3-3/8”

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