2 Wood Loom Yarn Bobbins

  Loom Bobbins 2 Wood & Metal - Large Atq
Loom Bobbins 2 Wood & Metal - Large Atq
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Product Description

  Loom Bobbins 2 Wood & Metal - Large Atq
2 antique Wooden Spools

Larger of the two spools construction appears more finished, possibly for use with a lighter thread type. The smaller spool uses 4 large brass slot head screws in its metal end-cap, giving the impression of stouter use. A 'B' outlined in a patterned box is stamped on its one end.


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 2 Spools.

Condition: Very Good for being over a 100 years.

Country: USA

Size: approx. Larger - L: 12.25" x Dia: 5.25", and Smaller - L: 9.25" x Dia: 4.5"

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