Hand Sculpted and Painted Wood Duck

• Hand Sculpted & Painted Wood Duck ~H:6x9"
• Hand Sculpted & Painted Wood Duck ~H:6x9"
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Product Description

• Hand Sculpted & Painted Wood Duck ~H:6x9"
A great wood working made to form the sculpted image of a wonderful Waterfowl Duck. The colors are vibrant and dedication to subject’s form perfect yet simple. An excellent adds to those in home ideas.

Without knowing previous history it may have been with a stand and those dimensions for holes at the bottom base for mounting are shown below. Artistry lacks creator's name.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very good as would be when sold new yet pre-owned. Wood appears to be Basswood but unknown.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 5.75” x L: 9.0” x W: 3.25”, at its base are 2 holes for mounting, they are both set at: Dia: 0.75” x Depth: 1.5”

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