Alaskan Solid Silver Totem Pole Stick Pin

• Alaskan Solid Silver Totem Pole Stick Pins (ocr) Early 1900s
• Alaskan Solid Silver Totem Pole Stick Pins (ocr) Early 1900s
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• Alaskan Solid Silver Totem Pole Stick Pins (ocr) Early 1900s
Sold to shipboard travelers or possibly was a collection someone once held onto. The Silver Totem Pole Stick Pin is likely a new but old retail item, having never the chance to be sold due to loss at sea. Quite nice and decades long submerged in an ocean’s silted soil, which sparingly protected them from damage, along with being made of pure silver.

They were recovered in a location associated with a very early 1920 fire, though their exact age is currently unknown. Depth of water was ~40ft, this may vary when a logged depth is stated, if ever.

Circa: 1910s-'40s

I did 25 years ago give some to friends in Alaska and the Northwest, though this collection is likely uncommon ... and when discovered in their slumbering resting place *wow*, did the ocean's darkness come alive with floating twisting sparkles of silver.

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