Sun God Bone Necklace

• Navajo 'Diné' - Sun God Bone Necklace
• Navajo 'Diné' - Sun God Bone Necklace
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• Navajo 'Diné' - Sun God Bone Necklace
Sun God Bone Necklace made by a local Navajo tribe’s member in the four corners region. Art created by hand from methods given in respect to past ancestral ways.

This necklace was purchased from a family with over a century in business trading with other local native families they knew personally. Who themselves were devoted in making only authentic artwork, the old way.

The business was owned by a woman who herself was 80+ years young. Her family roots were traced back to when the Mormons 1st came to this area. Local women and men she knew and who were making what was sold had stories rich in family, though also of its shortness. We spent many occasions together where she would tell me of their tales. So I hope to give some light to where this place was upon final sale, since now being further removed in time.

...and truly is important that what these people create is seen as such and not just a copy someone made elsewhere.

Being that I worked and traveled extensively in this area for some years I acquired many good memories of the land and its people. Limited information on artist supplied at time of sale.

Building, info & photos limited...


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