Native Indigenous Spiral Basket

• Native Indigenous Style Spiral Basket D:10x3" Vtg
• Native Indigenous Style Spiral Basket D:10x3" Vtg
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• Native Indigenous Style Spiral Basket D:10x3" Vtg
Generations of basketry are passed along and this is a good example of what an ancestral basket looks like. Making such defined work as in the weaving of this basket takes strength in fingertips and the finer the basket weave the harder the crafter labors to build, taking long hours into days. Different Native American groups do well in keeping their heritage learned of past crafts, weaving is one of them. Also around the world others do equally as well in creating similar work regarding weave style and colors.

This basket being offered is like that of the North America’s Southwestern tribes, but also could be closely matched to more present day weavers in say Africa. It’s likely either way to be a native or indigenous people’s creation, though unknown who. The weave material color appears similar to sumac (willow or squaw grass) but hesitates on linking other grass types found elsewhere around the world. Fresh sumac has a distinct odor. Being with some age this basket’s is missing its original smell, as would be the case.

The final thought is the work is excellent and makes a perfect choice in adding to like similar décor ideas. Plus the price for what labor was spent is a bargain, circa 1970s-‘80s.


Temporary notes

As with most all plant fiber baskets they can look very different when freshly made but time recreates it balance. Being around baskets for decades one can learn this aging. But the basket has to breathe and not be wrapped inside a containment that disguises it. I’ve experienced both, adding this to my understanding of well over half a century in dealing with historic and very primitive native crafts from centuries past. Allowing me to know better in what it is I see.

For the color and pattern it appears as feathers and lightening, unique traits that makes me think of west coast Africa, or over the other large body of water. One time I would consider Mexico but after the Mexican Government consensus back in 1996, of them losing 1.5 million artists, with now only 50,000 I’m not so inclined as I once was at pointing a finger their way. Where the weave style is like Western Apache or Pima with traits of northern Hopi colors even Navajos. Tried to connect it with the Papago tribe but wasn’t working for me. Even Alaska was on my thoughts but that just took me right over to Asia. Then there are the many young new artists creating contemporary sketches … Gives up!

...building, photo quality limited


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