Silver Swan Dish

 Silver Swan Dish P.N.S
Silver Swan Dish P.N.S
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 Silver Swan Dish P.N.S
A Silver Swan Dish that has seen aging and light wear (polishing) which has thinned the silver plate, showing patches of copper which lies beneath. No matter; the beauty is intact and a great dish for adding jewelry or coins. Stamped on bottom base is P.N.S. and is from the Two Company, Mt Vernon, NY.


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Condition: Good, being vintage time has been graceful to this petite Swan dish and being sold as-is, since the primary silver is worn in many places.

Country: India

Size: approx. H: 3-7/8" x L: 5.25" x W: 3.0"

Weight: 7.0 oz | ~ Ship (0.8lb)