Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine

• Dahl Jensen Style Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine Vtg
• Dahl Jensen Style Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine Vtg
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• Dahl Jensen Style Bronze Scottie (Skotsk) Terrier Figurine Vtg
This Scottish terrier was done in rough cast; without tooling seams and benefit of additional laborious steps needed in polishing* and likely was intended for the larger public to own. I would tend to think nearly each is unique and the original Mother mold was changed in time. However looked upon these Hot Cast were costly and time consuming to produce, even if skipping a step or two on some.

Respectfully this little Scottie’s last century and enduring character will far out distance in time the many porcelain pieces owned.


About Dahl Jensen

Along with what many have come to love and collect in Dahl Jensen’s (1874-1960) porcelain figurines, made in the early century porcelain factories. There was also the artisan’s time spent at home in his studio, where he enjoyed casting bronze figurines which he defined and shaped by hand, from 1900 to mid-1920. Dahl Jensen’s travels abroad to San Francisco in America further attracted many in the states to his work, which was shown in Exhibitions.

*Lost-Wax Casting or Precision Casting is not as simple as using plaster.

Original sculpted piece made in wood, clay, wax, etc. set into plaster (called master mold or mother mold) creating an opposite image. The original is removed by cutting the plaster form and reassembling the pieces back together, bolting, wiring, etc. Hot wax is than poured and set hallow by pouring out most, leaving a coating inside the mold. No need to leave all that wax, and makes a hallow form with less problems. The master mold is removed exposing the now original set into wax. Here seam lines were created in the wax by the master mold, which will be removed by wax chasing or seaming. The finished perfected wax figure of the original is now set for coating or shelling. This shelling of ceramic material by slurring a solution onto the form, making it wet and coating multiple layers of different sized grained sands (fine for detail first to heavy) onto the figure form many times over. This makes over a period of applying and drying a 2nd more rigid shell form.

This shell is a onetime use ‘waste form,’ since it’s going to be destroyed. This shell is than cut (a hole formed) heated (burnout phase) and all of the wax poured out. It than is set to an oven where vitrification occurs in the silicone based sand shell, turning it into a ceramic material like glass. This now can handle the hot molten bronze poured into the shell. With both shell and bronze metal heated to 1500 degrees the pouring begins quickly. Later a second chase (seaming) will be done to the bronze figure, which is easily extracted from the now cooled silica shell or investment mold.

Having said this I see the gated hole at the bottom base as the point the hot metal was poured (where the wax once resided) in a shell formed by the ceramic material. This area if being viewed or if the artist desires will be welded and finish to match its surrounding surface. The seams are likely from the beginning master mold plaster form effects on the wax poured into it.

My guess and best attempt at trying to explain how not simple this little bronze Scottie was made.

…and yes a lot went into those little Scotties to promote Dahl Jensen’s artistry in porcelain, as too other artist of the time works.

Sure knock off exist and without a stamp it’s hard to say the past history. Just going by features may be unjust to the original artist since done in his home studio, where he had helpers that also had assisted. I’m sure many seen are originals but…


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Condition: Very Good! By the way the color of the little bronze Scottie is more of a dark charcoal, interspersed with a gold texture. I had taken photos of this darker color but in many the golden bronze seemed to always want to show, so I allowed it.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 2-7/8" x L: 4.0" x W: 2.0"

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…adds, I know little of this item’s history and I’m making conjectures here, as I always will attempt to discuss what I see.

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