Ruby Red Glass Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Round Brooch

• Ruby Red Glass AB Rhinestone Round Brooch ~Dia:2.0” Vtg
• Ruby Red Glass AB Rhinestone Round Brooch ~Dia:2.0” Vtg
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Product Description

• Ruby Red Glass AB Rhinestone Round Brooch ~Dia:2.0” Vtg
The large center crystal appears to be a ruby red Rivoli Chaton Rhinestone measuring 1.0” (~25 mm) across. Red Marquis crystals which there are 19 of, line the outside of this much larger crystal. The 19 smaller furthest outer crystals are of a facet cut and look to be Solaris point backs. Most seem to be foil backs, but since the metal base is also a polish silver color it’s unknown.

All in all quite dazzling to see with so many ruby red crystal prisms reflecting light outward, in this spectacularly brilliant Brooch.


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Condition: Very good, the Brooch has been in service where very minor wear may show on the larger crystal if viewed up close. This could be polished to a shiny new with an oxide paste, or left to enjoy as it is in a vintage state.

Country of Mfg: Unknown

Size: approx. 5/8” H (overall height including pin 0.75”) x 1-7/8“ Dia.

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