Pointer Dogs Print on Tree Section

• Pointer Dogs Print on Tree Section, Shady Grove, MN, ~H:6x9" Vtg
• Pointer Dogs Print on Tree Section, Shady Grove, MN, ~H:6x9" Vtg
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• Pointer Dogs Print on Tree Section, Shady Grove, MN, ~H:6x9" Vtg
Portrait of two Pointer dogs shown in a country backdrop of rolling hills, tall dry grass and treed prairie land. A handsome profile of life in that less then fast lane we search to disappear into from time to time.

Shady Grove Resort in Ottertail, Minn., first opened its doors on May 11, 1932

The shellac or lacquer finish has gracefully yellowed from years in some quite area in one’s past home. Back side has what looks to be old wall wire attached by a glob of aged glue. Also has "1 24 Bird Dogs with penciled in numbers of a long past 1.49 and 64, cost and year maybe?

Be a nice collectible to add to that look one seeks in a country style.


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Condition: Very Good and aged well, includes a dozen fine line crazing marks on the left 3rd of the picture and is a normal part of what time does best, giving change. This crazing only appears to be in the old clear coat. A mark and a couple small scratches on same side, again in the clear coat, but very un-noticeable and even repairable should one want this. Seems the left side as viewed was most sought out by time, still all invisible when normally viewed. Only the discriminate few if ever they would look so close, could scrutinize the true age of this timeless collectible.

Country: Made in USA, as shown on the back side.

Size: approx. H: 6.0” x W: 9.0” x Depth: 0.75”

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