Pewter Miniature Roaring Laying Lion

• Roaring Laying Lion Pewter Miniature Stamped, ~H:1.5x3" Vtg
• Roaring Laying Lion Pewter Miniature Stamped, ~H:1.5x3" Vtg
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• Roaring Laying Lion Pewter Miniature Stamped, ~H:1.5x3" Vtg
A detailed and impressive Roaring Lion at rest.

The metal is likely of a pewter type given to an added antimony metal* content for hardness, helps in preventing undue wear to this gnarling long mane turned head lion.


On its bottom base is stamped ‘PEWTER,’ where should any other markings have been included they likely were lost during the stamping. This since the bottom has been ‘tooled’ to remove unnecessary weight to the sculpture. Circa 1980s-’90.

-*Having worked as a basic full phase miner in my own tunneling, in 1 of only 2 antimony mines in the world, in years long past, I became aware of the many needs and benefits antimony played in our daily lives.


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Country: Unknown

Size: H: 1.5” x L: 2-5/8” x W: 7/8”

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