Black Panther on Mounted Base

• Black Panther On Mounted Base, Resin Cast ~H:4x10" 1lb Vtg
• Black Panther On Mounted Base, Resin Cast ~H:4x10" 1lb Vtg
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Product Description

• Black Panther On Mounted Base, Resin Cast ~H:4x10" 1lb Vtg
Nothing grabs the attention so quickly then seeing a powerful Black Panther. Excellent workmanship and with a material in an era that must have been difficult for a primitive sculpture of this type.



The Panther cast has a noticeable clunk sound when tapped with a finger nail and shows strands of short dark like fibers embedded in dull gray composite material. Doesn’t have what would be expected of a nice modern resin seam but more like unrefined Bakelite, that wasn’t easy to work with in this sort of form creation. There's similar to weld splattering debris where some areas are joined. Even in the mouth of the sculpture it shows the upper teeth were not able to be formed correctly, since the material caused bubbling like effects inside the mouth cavity. Be like working with a material that cured in a crudely formed fashion in a mold to almost a thick epoxy (or poly) like consistency.

Sculpture appears having been painted possibly at a later time with lacquer, butyrate, or shellac and shows an orange peel surface, puts away the magnifying glass.

Concludes the Black Panther is possibly from around the 1950s-70’s with a composition primarily of epoxy or early ‘70s poly resin. No name discovered.

Overall the appearance is viewed as professionally done and given to the classic looks of a commanding Panther.


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Condition: Very Good! No chips or damage to note and left in its original condition with dust still intact.

Country: USA or Asia but unknown.

Size: H: 3.5" x L: 10.0" x Breadth: 2.75"

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