African Paduck Beveled Hollow Formed Bowl

 African Paduck Beveled Hollow Form Bowl ~H:4x6" Vtg
African Paduck Beveled Hollow Form Bowl ~H:4x6" Vtg
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Product Description

 African Paduck Beveled Hollow Form Bowl ~H:4x6" Vtg
Paduck turned Bowl, with an inner beveled hollow formed cavity, wall thickness being equivalent to the stoutness of the bowl itself.

The color is a rich red throughout giving an indicator of age. African Paduck wood may appear similar to California Redwood but the weight and hardness is substantially greater.


Average Dried Weight

African Padauk: 47 lbs/ft3 (745 kg/m3) - hardness 1,970 lbf (8,760 N)

Redwood: 29 lbs/ft3 - hardness 480 lbf


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Condition: Very good

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 3.75" x Dia: 6.0", with an inner depth and diameter opening of 2.75" x 4.0".

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