Manuel Olivas Painted Marbled Slip Pottery Vase

• Painted Marbled (slip) Pottery Vase by artist Manuel Olivas - Mata Ortiz ~H:6x5" Vtg
• Painted Marbled (slip) Pottery Vase by artist Manuel Olivas - Mata Ortiz ~H:6x5" Vtg
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• Painted Marbled (slip) Pottery Vase by artist Manuel Olivas - Mata Ortiz ~H:6x5" Vtg
This Pot is a replica of prehistoric Casa Grandes Pottery and stands alone without need of a ring, signed on the bottom Manuel Olivas.

From an artist whose understanding of earthen clay contributed to this beautiful pottery vase. Applied coils of clay with an outer slip of different native clay of red and white, gives striking simplicity to this masterful work.

The artist I doubt ever to be forgotten since their work is noteworthy among the many other native pottery makers.


About the Artist

Manuel Olivas (1941-2007) with his daughter Blanca worked as a team. Blanca forms, shapes, sands and polishes the pottery using local clay and mineral colors without benefit of a potter’s wheel. Manuel than paints and fires; paintbrushes are fashioned from the hair of children, firing takes place on the open ground with wood, or with a laid beehive of dried cow chips.

Manuel (founder of the Mata Ortiz Casas Grandes pottery movement) was considered as one of the top potters, recreating the art form of prehistoric Paquime Effigies and Ollas or coiled pots. His works pre-date Juan Quezada* and Olivas was the first pottery maker in Mata Ortiz.

Many pottery dealers believe that Manuel Olivas was the father of the pottery revival near Casa Grandes. "The Story of Casas Grandes Pottery" by Rick Cahill and "Journal of the Southwest," by Jim Hills, 2012. In "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" by Susan Lowell, on page 120, Manuel and Blanca are listed as one of the primary families of Master Potters.

Mata Ortiz is located in the high plains of the northern Chihuahua, between the mountains of the Sierra Madre and the desert, along the Palanganas River in Mexico.

*Also inspired by ancient pottery fragments from a tradition that had long since passed before the arrival of the first Europeans. Juan Quezada, then a poor woodcutter turned artist also contributed to the ceramic and art revolution, this with the help of an unnamed American entrepreneur salesman.


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Condition: Very Good! A very minor chip is seen beneath the lip edge and is shown in photos given.

Country: Mexico

Size: H: 5.75" x Dia: 5.25" and with a Dia: 2.0" at top inner opening.

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