EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat

• EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat ~H:15" Vtg
• EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat ~H:15" Vtg
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• EZRA Brooks Decanter #185 Mudville Casey at Bat ~H:15" Vtg
A stout Porcelain Decanter from the early 1970s depicting a classic mustached, 'Mudville Casey' at the bat in a style reminiscent of yester year. A definitive memorabilia look makes this a good choice in adding to one's collection, or as a standalone.

On base is: Heritage China, 1973 R.H-43 EZRA Brooks #185, with hand written 12 or 17.


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Condition: Very good, the Decanter is empty and has a repaired original cork; which has expanded at its base and is not allowing the top to fully close. Label on back showing some wear and Decanter without some labels possibly. There appears in limited spots a very light grainy effect, likely due to the grade or conditions in which the enamel originally was applied to the porcelain. Overall the figurine decanter is similar when originally sold, but of vintage and of pre-owned condition. See Photos

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 14.75" x L: 8.75" x Depth: 4.0" <-> collapsed - H: 8.75" x L: 8.75" x Depth: 6.5"

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