Mad Potters Handled Pitcher

• Pottery - Mad Potters Handled Pitcher, Nova Scotia ~2.5x4" Vtg
• Pottery - Mad Potters Handled Pitcher, Nova Scotia ~2.5x4" Vtg
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• Pottery - Mad Potters Handled Pitcher, Nova Scotia ~2.5x4" Vtg
An exceptional Pottery Handled Pitcher, created by Nova Scotia coal miners and their family’s sanctuary in the arts. As a once past hard rock miner in the mountains of Montana I only see stark abundance of harshness, given relief by this beautifully stirring pottery ware. The speckled colored glazing adds to the appeal this pitcher holds.

Signed on the bottom base of the Pitcher is: ‘Mad Potters,’ ‘N.S.,’ ‘miner’s pick & shovel symbol.’

Included is a folded pamphlet that’s been safely tucked away inside the pottery pitcher and gives information on the Mad Potters of Nova Scotia.

These were limited production pieces, all very collectible and powerfully endearing to have ownership of.

Mad Potters was started in 1964 by Sister Rooney of Notre Dame along with retired miners and ended when Sister Rooney passed, exact date not known but would assume in the 1970s. To avoid recreation and exploitation of the pottery many of the original moulds were destroyed. Though I believe this particular pottery pitcher was done by hand and without process, for which service of a mould would be employed.


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Condition: Very good, similar to when sold new but vintage.

Country: Canada

Size: H: 2.5” x Dia: 3.75’’ and 4-7/8” from handle to pour spout.

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