2 Replacement Batteries (purchase new) (600mAh) NTA2319 for Logitech G7, included are (non-working?) Mouse and the Receiver console pad.

• Computer - Non-Working Wireless Logitech G7 Mouse & Hardware
• Computer - Non-Working Wireless Logitech G7 Mouse & Hardware
Item# elccr00180806070

Product Description

Non-Working Wireless Logitech G7 Mouse and supporting Hardware


4 Batteries (600mAh) NTA2319; all working, 2 having never been used and are new.

2 Logitech 2.4GHz Receiver USB Sticks

1 Receiver Base


Product Quantity: Only (1) Set in Stock. Set includes 4 Batteries, 2 Receivers and 1 Receiver Base.

Condition: Cosmetically very good (no surface scratches or blemishes to note) and is ‘As-Is;’ one or more items non working for reasons unknown. Only thing can be said that’s apparent, is the mouse is in need of new replacement bottom base pads. 2 batteries were purchased new and never used. The Mouse was never dropped or abused, having just stopped working.

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