Hummingbirds Sundial

• Bronze Hummingbirds Sundial ~D:11x4" 4lbs Vtg
• Bronze Hummingbirds Sundial ~D:11x4" 4lbs Vtg
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Product Description

• Bronze Hummingbirds Sundial ~D:11x4" 4lbs Vtg

A Bronze Hummingbirds Sundial. Its center holds a hummingbird with wings swept back as if in flight. Whereas it’s long bill is contrasted against an art deco style and opened backdrop. On the base also are 3 additional embossed Hummingbirds, amongst flowers that border the dial.

Few compare and those that attempt fall short. On back is maker...


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Condition: Very Good! The Sundial was once anchored by mortar... the Hummingbird is secured by 2 screws and…

Country of Mfg: USA

Size: Dia: 11.0" x H: 3.75" overall and at the dials center the attached hummingbird raises to a height of 3.5”.

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