Solid Cast Bronze Lizard & Horned Toad

• Solid Bronze Lizard & Horned Toad Lizard Figures ~L:7x2"
• Solid Bronze Lizard & Horned Toad Lizard Figures ~L:7x2"
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Product Description

• Solid Bronze Lizard & Horned Toad Lizard Figures ~L:7x2"
Art Created to Stimulate.

Solid Bronze Lizard and Horned Toad Figure sold individually or together.



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* 1) Lizard - is set in a position of glancing upward as if seeing whose approaching, or possibly spying that flying morsel soon to make its palate.

* 1) Horned Lizard - remains steadfastly a part of its ancient and mythical desert surroundings.

…building info & or photo quality limited.


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Condition: Very Good! Both hold the appearance expected if real, but are of a primitive form. Horned lizard was made to look of antiquity, so expect some imperfections.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. Horned Toad - L: 4.75" x W: 3.25" x H: 5/8" @ horns *-* Lizard - L: 6.75" x W: 2.0" x H: 1.5" @ head

Weight: Horned Toad - 5.0 oz | ~ Ship (0.5lb) *-* Lizard - 5.0 oz | ~ Ship (0.5lb) *-* Both | ~ Ship (0.9lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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