Griswold 962 Cast Iron 7 Cupped Pan

• Griswold 962 Cast Iron 7 Cup Egg & or Floured Aebleskiver (Pancake Puffs) Pan ~Dia:9" Vtg
• Griswold 962 Cast Iron 7 Cup Egg & or Floured Aebleskiver (Pancake Puffs) Pan ~Dia:9" Vtg
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• Griswold 962 Cast Iron 7 Cup Egg & or Floured Aebleskiver (Pancake Puffs) Pan ~Dia:9" Vtg
Great for making those specially prepared egg or floured treats is this Griswold 7 Cupped Cast Iron Cookware. Leaves the impression family holds onto for generations when observing such older styled cookware in use at gatherings. It too is very fitting around an open fire, when get-togethers take the crowd to the great outdoors, which it can handle suitably well. For treat ideas just do an online search for aebleskiver recipes, there surely to be one that’ll delight.

The metal craft is as should be done by those wishing the best for their customers. With smooth finished edges that are not curled, dinged, or pitted and pronounce lettering without wear or flaw.

On the bottom is stamped in upper case block letters ‘Griswold’ NO 32 - Made in the USA - A 962. Where on its handle is again stamped with ‘A,’ as well as a circular time pointer set to about the 1:30 clock position.

Griswold cast iron cookware made between 1880 and 1957. Purchased by Wagner Cookware Company, that continued producing some Griswold named cookware into the 1960s.

Quality made to last and it has, circa: mid-1900.


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Condition: Very Good! The pan has been set with a season coat when acquired. An additional coat at 425 degree for 60 minutes using coconut oil has been applied prior to sale. It has not been scrubbed by a stiff brush and cleaned regarding removing older seasoned coats. It has been rinsed with water and lightly brushed to remove any surface dirt accumulated from sitting and is intended to be offered as-is, next owner’s discretion on use. A slight slag deposit remains from the original foundry work. Which is unseen and minor, located underneath on the upper inside edge of a cup near the pan’s side wall.

Country: USA

Size: H: 1.75" x L: 14.0" x Dia: 9.25", with each baking cup's diameter: 2.25" by a depth: 1.0".

Weight: 5 lbs 13.0 oz | ~ Ship (7.0lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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