White Glazed Blue Pattern Ceramic Cuspidor

• Alaskan Decorative Glazed Ceramic Cuspidor of White & Blue (ak-ocr) Vtg
• Alaskan Decorative Glazed Ceramic Cuspidor of White & Blue (ak-ocr) Vtg
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• Alaskan Decorative Glazed Ceramic Cuspidor of White & Blue (ak-ocr) Vtg
Cat Houses and Bars once delighted many of the coves and ocean channels lining Alaska’s more rambling rambunctious days. Too, many artifacts can be found from these former illustrious and adventurous heydays. Including this decorative Cuspidor or Spittoon, a must have favorite for the many past popular public gathering spots. Circa: early1900s to 1950s without marking.

… and well cleaned from being ocean submerged in 40 ft of water for 80 years, give or take a decade or two.

Notes, discovered a Flow Blue Spittoon once while deep under the ocean’s surface, very large and beautiful it was and being without any damage I assumed in my excitement. I began gently removing the light sediment by slow hand motion, using water to clear the remainder of the debris, and then it disintegrated before my eyes. Salt water and the material used in 1800s flow blue porcelain ware just don’t hold up well in time. Amazed in how not even a chip showed in my viewing of this large intact Cuspidor, then sadden when abruptly in tiny bits it all floated away.

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Condition: Very Good! May show very light crazing in interior.

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