Glass Decanter/ Bottle Stopper(s)

• Glass Decanter/ Bottle Stopper(s)
• Glass Decanter/ Bottle Stopper(s)
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Product Description

• Glass Decanter/ Bottle Stopper(s)
…building, with current collection and many, this will be on hold while forming. In the time of being created it will be displayed here, yet also what is currently shown can be removed. This will finalizes whenever the section(s) for stoppers is finished and ready for sales. If pricing shows it is not a guaranteed set price. It may also include glass stoppers recovered in ocean dives, though they will be shown in another category in the store. Finally just not sure how this will be done, but it is a starting point to begin from.

Overall length is given first followed by the width or diameter of the finial piece that resides on top of the stopper. The next 2 measurements will be the top diameter (D1) of the insertable shank followed by its lower (D2) bottom dia.

#2241-1 ● Large Ball Finial Polished Clear Glass Decanter/ Bottle Stopper ~L:3-5/8xDia:3” Vtg

Related to use on a bottle with an upper inner top opening of 1.25” and tapered similarly to most styled decanters. Tapered insertable shank is polished and not etched.

#2241-2 ● Teardrop Finial Polished Tapered Clear Glass Decanter Stopper ~L:4-5/8xDia:1-5/16”

Having an upper inner top opening of 1.0”, last use was on a Waterford’s Decanter, though likely not an original. Tapered insertable shank is polished and not etched.

Sold with ‘no guarantee of fit,’ measurements are taken with greater accuracy (micrometer) and in best judgment stated. When a diameter is taken it will be at the 2 furthest ends of the insertable tapered shank. If you are still not sure please contact this store with your question.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock unless otherwise specified.

Condition: I try avoiding any stopper with chips, flea bites are ok to a point, as long as their non remarkable in size and location. If from ocean dives it is whatever is shown and will be stated as dive glass, etc.

#2241-1 -> Very Good!

#2241-2 -> Very good, has a minute flea bite at bottom end.


Size: approx.

#2241-1 -> overall L: 3-5/8 ‘’ x Dia: 3.0“, on upper finial ball knob. Stopper’s insertable tapered shank grip L: 1-1/4”, top shoulder dia: 1-1/4”, mid-section dia: 1-3/16”, bottom end dia: 1-1/16”. 1-1/4” at widest x 1-3/16” (mid-section) and 1-1/16” at narrowest point

#2241-2 -> overall L: 4-5/8”, Shank grip L: 1-5/16” with top shoulder at 1.0” & bottom end is 7/8”


#2241-1 -> lb oz | ~ Ship (lb)

#2241-2 -> 6.5 oz | ~ Ship (0.8lb)

- Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total ‘of all items’ and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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