2 Hand Blown Glass Air Bubbled Starfish

• Glass Starfish's - 2 Hand Blown Air Bubbled ~H:2x6" Vtg
• Glass Starfish's - 2 Hand Blown Air Bubbled ~H:2x6" Vtg
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Product Description

• Glass Starfish's - 2 Hand Blown Air Bubbled ~H:2x6" Vtg
Perfect for indiscriminate use to draw attention, in both their appeal and added weight when needed.

These particular uncommon style starfish are seen elsewhere’s across the US. They're similar to how Murano rotates its starfish arms and Steuben for having air bubbles drawn inside. Murano & Tiffany for their like added ridges to the top leg sections, that end together in the center. Course Murano’s artist have added polish marks (dressed pontil scars for each adjoining leg) equal to the count of the legs on the underneath. These last two, as others seen across the country have just one pontil area that’s polished ... then there's the Dynasty Gallery.

Surely the Starfish has its followers.

A thought is from 1950s-'70s, once having been sold across America through popular national store outlet’s or Jeweler’s catalogs.

Overall they’re both very elegantly crafted Studio Glass Starfishes.


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 2 Starfish.

Condition: Very Good! Of the 2; one is unremarkable in defects with outstanding looks. The other has a small chip (possibly restorable) on one of its 6 legs (see photos) which doesn’t detract from its appeal and is unnoticeable overall. Both indicate slight wear marks on bottom bases, from tabletop use in placement over time.

Country: USA or Italy, but unknown.

Size: H: 1.5” x Dia: 6.0”, arm tip to tip.

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