Formac 700 CB Radio

• Formac 700 CB Radio, Uncommon Vtg
• Formac 700 CB Radio, Uncommon Vtg
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• Formac 700 CB Radio, Uncommon Vtg
Building description and sooner or later to be offered...

A well cared for and clean Formac 700 CB Radio.

This was a real fun radio to reach out with once long ago and now sooner or later to be offered here.

Always used an external speaker and has its original box, mike, even receipt etc.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very Good! Works well, though the reverb a shop set to the board, when new was causing a minor feedback issue when powering up from a 300 watt bilinear. It’s the only time the radio was ever opened up. So instead of messing with it or removing that added toy (just needed a simple turn of the adjuster) it was packed away over 25 years ago. The price tag was $820.00 back in 1985 at a popular shop by the Florida and Georgia Stateline, on I-95. Had some use but mostly worked with company radios while heavy hauling the big stuff, so it sat.

Country: Japan


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Like to know why older is better, read-on.

Electronic circuit boards of this era were of tin-lead. It has yet been shown to be an issue once said to be by those mandating new restriction on lead. Restriction that includes global bans on industries use of this base metal for products we purchase and enforced by the EPA.

Newer disposable device circuit boards in use since 2000-2005, are of inferior quality non-lead or tin solder and in my opinion don’t withstand heat and time well. Such soldered points will be brittle, weak, actually can move (tin hairs) and dissipate. Not sure why it seemingly evaporates, maybe because of the tin’s ability to migrate and not stay put over time. Giving a once long lived lead soldered contact point, a very iffy and limited life span. Why some prefer to reball their computer boards, to rid them of cheap solder.

For electronics such as this being offered, it has the longer sustaining lead mix (ancient) solder. That is by far a superior quality product, outlasting anything made since 2005 that uses tin mix solder.

Yes newer maybe priced $ cheaper and they may be considered as updated products, but they’re questionable, with an expected and early die date! My best for why older electronics are still in demand.


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