Enesco Brass Sitting Antlered Deer

• Enesco Brass Sitting Antlered Deer ~H:7x5” 1.3lbs Vtg
• Enesco Brass Sitting Antlered Deer ~H:7x5” 1.3lbs Vtg
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Product Description

• Enesco Brass Sitting Antlered Deer ~H:7x5” 1.3lbs Vtg
Any room décor is perfect for that added appeal of beauty this golden color Brass Deer holds.

The large impressive antlers can be adorned with jewelry, keepsakes or floral ideas, making it versatile in placement. This deer is semi-hollowed and skillfully enclosed by craftsmen at their best in brass work, to give it ample worth in feel, yet not too heavy.

Labeled Enesco Designed Giftware.


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Condition: Very Good! From around the 1970s to early ‘80s and has held up well having been likely care for over time, showing no detrimental spotting of the brass patina.

Country: Taiwan

Size: approx. H: 6.75" x L: 5-3/8" x W: 3.5" (antlers & body overall) or ~2-5/8" width for just body.

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