Mexico Pottery Display Plate, Terracotta Burnished Decorative Birds

• Mexico Pottery Display Plate, Terracotta Burnished Decorative Birds Low Fired ~Dia:12" Vtg
• Mexico Pottery Display Plate, Terracotta Burnished Decorative Birds Low Fired ~Dia:12" Vtg
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• Mexico Pottery Display Plate, Terracotta Burnished Decorative Birds Low Fired ~Dia:12" Vtg
A vintage Pottery Bird Plate set to Display vertically, and having been formed in a low-fired baking of the clay. The beauty is unsurpassed in the simplistic style true to the artist’s skills. With its pair of Hand Painted Desert Quail facing one another, while eyes search the Flora. On the back is an attached clay ring with a twisted cotton string set through it, so as to hang. There is no artist name inscribed, as once was widely the case.

In a region that was teaming in artist now nearly devoid hence, as thus was. The artists of today’s Mexico (stated as 50,000) are far fewer than a few decades past and are what remains of nearly 1.5 million that were said to be prior to the early 1990s. Their art is now different than those of the past; artists as well as companies more readily mark their creations; to endorse such work for buyers. But I would assume there still those artists that are more in awe to what’s created and portrayed, than a name.

Since being of a low-fired pottery, Care should be addressed when handling and cleaning this fragile work. Most have not survived so they are becoming harder to find and those that remain of the earlier 1990s and prior, without some wear. I’d even venture to say in another 3 to 4 decades most all remaining of the last 20th century will be lost from history, due to their delicate design.


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Condition: Very good with minimal wear, showing it was well cared for over the decades and possibly similar to when displayed in markets south of the USA border. In saying this even those in stores are always being handled and wear and repair exist before being purchased. There are a few minor chips not readily seen and possibly they happen before the artist had finish painting. They can even still be forming, due to differentiation in the crudeness of the local clay having been used. Such pottery is sold by those seeking fair trade for work they or others created by hand, with simple but laborious methods and tools. They are not made by modern machinery in the sense that company’s employ, nor stored in well kept areas. When being acquired they are purchased by others that seek such art for pleasure in owning and what they diversely represent. Please see Photos

Country: Mexico likely, but unknown.

Size: approx. Dia: 11.5” x Depth: 1.25”

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