Mexico Terracotta Burnished Decorative Pottery Bowl

• Mexico Traditional Terracotta Burnished Decorative Pottery Bowl ~H:5x8” Vtg
• Mexico Traditional Terracotta Burnished Decorative Pottery Bowl ~H:5x8” Vtg
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• Mexico Traditional Terracotta Burnished Decorative Pottery Bowl ~H:5x8” Vtg
A classic vintage clay burnished Bowl from Mexico, given a colorful pattern that delights.

Being a low fired clay bowl with age it is delicate compared to higher fired ceramics meant for daily service. Such pottery is for display, as that seen in museums collections of native clay works. Care in handling and use of a lightly dampen cloth is best when cleaning; avoid paper towels since they will mar a surface.

It is unsigned and was of the typical pottery types found on the many once quieter streets in Mexico, back in the 1960s-70s.

Pottery once thought of as common is no longer and should they have survived ... since many haven’t, they're becoming more collectible. This yester year Terracotta Burnished Bowl is in near pristine condition. A considerable number are now chipped or broken, though others as this one still exists from a once more common and abundant plenty.

Mexico lost 1,450,000 artist as told in Wiki Mexico Government statistic on Ceramic and Pottery trade; a remaining 50,000 are making higher price art unlike that of the past.


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Condition: Very Good!

Country: Mexico

Size: approx. H: 4-5/8" x Dia: 8-3/8" and with a base of 3.75".

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