Hand Painted Wooden Elephant Sculpture

• Elephant Free Standing Sculpture of Painted & Detailed Ironwood ~H:12x13" 10lbs Vtg
• Elephant Free Standing Sculpture of Painted & Detailed Ironwood ~H:12x13" 10lbs Vtg
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Product Description

• Elephant Free Standing Sculpture of Painted & Detailed Ironwood ~H:12x13" 10lbs Vtg
A large hand carved painted Ironwood Elephant that gives weight to its size.

The artist in their creation made adornments similar to that of riding elephants found in S.E. Asia. With a forward top riding howdah and blanket set to the back side, which includes the retaining rope sash placed underneath the elephant’s tail. The legs were given tethering chain that circles each upper foot.

Plenty of detail and a well made sculpture of its type.

Wood is much heavier and darker than many similar style carvings using what is said to be a teak (golden brown wood) or even rarer ironwood, a rich chocolate brown wood. Most are made of mahogany type woods which substantially reduces their stoutness in weight. Ironwood in time if allowed to be in the sun will turn to a silver patina color, giving an equally appealing look as teak. Overall it is in the weight that defines Ironwood from all other types of wood.


Ironwood is the most durable and lasting of the world’s hardwoods. It will, if cared for last hundreds of years and has a fire class rating the same as concrete or steel. Ironwood rarely splits or splinters if seasoned* correctly, which make it a great choice for homes with small children and is also bug proof. Teak wood which is preferred by shipbuilders (high silica content) is less heavy and does not compare to the overall durability Ironwoods affords. Likely a reason most Ironwood forest are disappearing and endangered on a global scale.

Having been in an industry where massive equipment would be transported, such as the D11 (dozer) Caterpillar. Such machines would crush & destroy large blocks 3 times the size of railroad ties of Ironwood, when loading such equipment onto lowboys. I’ve decades of use with this type of wood on a daily basis and can see how it would indeed be endangered.


Elephants are very remarkable; though most are endangered and overworked. They remain a gift to our planets ancient past and in need of our help in continuing their progress to a better learned future.


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Condition: Very Good! Being a primitive perfection isn’t being so sought after other than the idea the artist wanted to portray. It makes for a unique appeal many demand and this is no exception in what the artesian crafted in their work. If anything to report there was at some time in the elephant’s creation a small chip formed at the trunk’s left side.

*Ironwood if not seasoned (dried) properly, will cause surface checking. Once having done so will never continue nor weaken the wood and remain possibly a millennium as crafted. This is not the case with the Elephant Sculpture being sold.

Country: of S.E. Asia

Size: approx. H: 12.0” x L: 13.0” x W: 6.5”

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