Miniature Black Stone Egyptian Canopic Terracotta Cup

• Carved Egyptian Canopic Terracotta Stone Cup - Small ~H:2x2" Vtg
• Carved Egyptian Canopic Terracotta Stone Cup - Small ~H:2x2" Vtg
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Product Description

• Carved Egyptian Canopic Terracotta Stone Cup - Small ~H:2x2" Vtg
Of the four sons of Horus this would appear to be a Hapy (Baboon) Cup.

Believing that they could be connected with their loved ones in the afterlife, the people of ancient Egypt took great care in creating vessels. Like this Canopic Jar w/out lid (cup) that might help them navigate this feat.

The Cup appears made of soapstone, possibly (resin) coated, but looks throughout like cold black stone and heavy as well.

The inner Bowl for the Cup has been tapered and has the appearance of being hand carved out. Where the outer Cup’s figures (baboon head) look well expressed and too has been hand tooled.

Overall a respectable and artsy made replica of an Egyptian Canopic Cup, or jar minus lid if ever one was created.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very good as a cup and great for placing trinkets or change, even a candle, sold only as a cup without lid.

Country: Egypt suspected but unknown.

Size: H: 2-1/8" x Dia: 1-7/8" @ widest point & 1.25" for inner diameter at top tapering downwards.

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