Bronze Flared Rim Vase w/ Applied Relief of Pheasant on Branch

 Bronze Flared Rim Vase, Applied Relief of Long Tailed Pheasant on Branch ~H:9x3  Atq/Vtg
Bronze Flared Rim Vase, Applied Relief of Long Tailed Pheasant on Branch ~H:9x3 Atq/Vtg
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 Bronze Flared Rim Vase, Applied Relief of Long Tailed Pheasant on Branch ~H:9x3  Atq/Vtg
A Modernist Design mixed metal Bronze Figural Vase, with applied relief of Long Tailed Pheasant on Branch.

There's no indicator of who made such art work and its thought to be from the early 1900s or before, but unknown.

Note, in the early 1800s artist from areas in the world, including France had been inspired by Eastern Asia art creations. In as much as East Asia was inspired by other countries. With this thought Id neither can say Asia nor Europe, since it is unknown to me who or where this aged work derived from.


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Condition: Vase had been in its history drilled and tapped (threaded) in 3 locations upon the flared rim. It also was drilled at its bottom bases center. There shows a couple very minor surface dimples in the bulbous center, they are hard to view but there. Top of vase and elsewhere are unusual marks similar to nicks (as if the metal was hammered) and without distortion to its surface. Quite possibly from when the vase was formed in a not so modern setting. Underneath the base indicates small and minor dings to the metal surface, as might be expected from time and use. The upper part of the vase's outer surface appears smooth, where the middle to lower portion shows circular grove indentations, as from a tooling process when made. Interior of vase is fairly smooth and clean. From the inside interior entrance, below normal viewing and its polished surface the artesian left circular tooling marks, which seem to travel further into the vase.

All described with the use of a magnifier and appear having occurred in an ancient period of the vase's history, or when crafted. Hopefully this can give some clue as to how this vase was made.

Overall appearance is quite remarkable in its beauty and the outer surface walls show they are fairly free of age related defects. Sold as-is, see photos.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 8.75 x Dia: 3.25 (at widest point, 2.25 for upper rim & 2.0 at base) with an inner opening of 1.0.

Weight: 1 lb 8.0 oz | ~ Ship (2.9lb) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

adds, I know little of this items history and Im making conjectures here, as I always will attempt to discuss what I see.

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