Brass Horse Head Candle Snuffer

 Brass Horse Head Candle Snuffer L:12.5" Vtg
Brass Horse Head Candle Snuffer L:12.5" Vtg
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Product Description

 Brass Horse Head Candle Snuffer L:12.5" Vtg
This brass Horse Bust Candle Snuffer gives a snort of light and smoke when extinguishing a flame. The mouth of the brass figure is created with an opening that should allow a whimsical flume of smoke outward, as it snuffs out a flame. At the end of its long handle resides a ring, which can be used to set it close by where needed.


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Condition: Very Good! The snuffer is of a solid cast brass which the artesian worked. Being handmade they will be slightly different to others and upon polishing the finish can retain some crudeness in form. A possible fleck or speck of contaminate in the original casting shows at the base of the head, in the cut bottom edge, adding to its handcrafted originality. It has been given a coating of a museum grade wax and wiped, but not polished. It ensures stability to current aging prior to sale. Quite possible the brass could polish up even brighter but has been left with a slight patina.

Country: Unknown

Size: H: 2.0 x L: 12.5 x W: 1.0, the handle ring has an inner diameter of slightly over 0.75.

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