Large Articulated Metal Fish with Mother of Pearl Eyes

• Silver Plated Articulated Metal Fish w/ Mother of Pearl Eyes ~H:8x3" Vtg
• Silver Plated Articulated Metal Fish w/ Mother of Pearl Eyes ~H:8x3" Vtg
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Product Description

• Silver Plated Articulated Metal Fish w/ Mother of Pearl Eyes ~H:8x3" Vtg
Beautifully crafted by an artist’s hands, brought forth to give life to harden clad metal. Making them seemingly alive when joined to form this articulated Art Silver Fish, with inlay eyes of mother of pearl.

When you see such a wondrous articulated Silver Fish thoughts of jewels and precious things come to mind. Liken to discoveries made upon finding a chest full of pirate lure on some forgotten island. In opening you discover this silver clad pinned fish inside, amongst the trove of booty.

What comes to mind next, 'where’s that cool thirst quencher?' Grabbing for your bottle of wet delight you take your newly found silver fish and quickly pop the bottle’s cap off. This while the brilliance of jewels glisten beneath eyes wid…

Well so much for the storytelling. This uncommonly large fish also makes for a handy bottle opener, which has been cleverly set to its broadly gapped mouth. Without stamp, though I can remember many silversmiths down in Mexico long ago were making these. Back in time when it was possible to see Diné Navajo women in the desert side looming their blankets. Well, lots of thoughts about back then and the feel of its wealth was a rich treat one never forgets.

Circa 1960s-‘70s.


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Condition: Very Good, shows well with limited wear to the sterling silver plate and ready for another 50 years of giving joy of ownership. The metal has been given to a coating of a museum sold grade wax, similar to Renaissance Wax and wiped. It helps to protect the item prior to sale. Always care should be addressed whenever cleaning. Never use paper towels or metal cleaners, including cleaning wax like that used for automobile finishes. Do use and lightly so, a clean cloth whenever removing dirt and hand oils. And never worry that this fish will lose its appeal, since it should be possible to restore to like new, should another 50 years require it.

Country: Mexico likely though unknown.

Size: approx. L: 8.0” and 1.5” at widest point of the fish head, with 2.5” for the tails furthest points.

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