Hand-Painted Stag, Doe & Fawn at Rest Sculptures

• Stag, Doe & Fawn at Rest Sculpts, Hand-Painted - Universal Statuary 1984 #343/4 ~H:15” 12lbs
• Stag, Doe & Fawn at Rest Sculpts, Hand-Painted - Universal Statuary 1984 #343/4 ~H:15” 12lbs
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Product Description

• Stag, Doe & Fawn at Rest Sculpts, Hand-Painted - Universal Statuary 1984 #343/4 ~H:15” 12lbs
An uncommon lot of 3 Sculpted Deer, incl., Antlered Stag Buck, Doe and Fawn, set nestling down for some family time. They’re uniquely hand painted in natural colors and each given to life like eyes, imparting beauty to their overall appearance. The group’s size as well as their design make them easy to display and were previously well cared for over the decades.

On base is stamped: Universal Statuary Corp. 1984 © 343/4 ‘R’ # 343 - Stag & # 344 - Doe, the mfg. number for the fawn appears to have been cutoff during its creation. Though could still be somewhere not easily seen, as with the felted bottom base. All still have their original, ‘Made in The USA’ labels.

They are of a (indestructible?) plastic mold form that was opted for after having been in chalk, then resin over the history of the company and are meant to outlast those prior materials once used. The sculpted deer's are than filled with similar material in pellet form to give balance weight. Ultimately for appearance and feel without the heaviness to what a crushed marble resin mixed sculpture has.


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Universal began in a multi-story Chicago Ave. where they made mostly plaster / chalk ware products. In the 1950s they moved to a new second single story building located on Ogden Ave., where they began working with experimental composites. There they transitioned from chalkware to resins and came up with a material "FiberClad InFrangible", and guaranteed it would not break or chip. The company employed plastic in the 1970s and closed in the later 1980s, as so many USA companies did. ‘Castagna of Italy’ continued with their best sellers in the more popular versions, though smaller in size. Castagna too has since ended upon a brother’s passing.


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 3 Deer Sculptures.

Condition: Very good, similar to when purchased new but of vintage, without scratches, marks or paint damage. The original wool felt still resides on their bottom bases. Surfaces are very clean and apparently were from the care given to them by the previous owner.

Photos will have areas where the color has whitened due to the artist having done so, front faces and tail areas, as too with the white spots on the fawn. Some places will have a more grayish look, also done for effects by the artist. The camera under intense lights used for photos shown may display a spot or two with a tint of whitish gloss, and is due to reflection.

For this store they’re handled only by cloth prior to sale with support set to the underneath of bases and nowhere else. When packaging they are first wrapped in tissue paper with a heavier paper placed on the outside, followed by foam and bubble wrap. Then the box is finally filled with foam peanuts.

Country: USA

Size: approx. BUCK - H: 14.5” x L: 18.0” x W: 9.0” <-> DOE - H: 9.5” x L: 14.75” x W: 7.0” <-> FAWN - H: 5.0” x L: 8.5” x W: 6.0”

Weight: BUCK - 5 lb 12.0 oz <-> DOE - 4 lb 11.0 oz <-> FAWN - 1 lb 1.0 oz

Total: 11.5 lbs | ~ Ship (13.9lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total ‘of all items’ and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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