Three (3) Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines

• 3 Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines ~H:2x3” Vtg
• 3 Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines ~H:2x3” Vtg
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Product Description

• 3 Brass Waterfowl (2 Geese & Duck) Figurines ~H:2x3” Vtg
Made of brass these 3 Waterfowl set perfectly together. The Geese with bills open as if calling out and Duck appear as they would in nature. The Duck also makes for a small quick paperweight.

The two Geese are hallowed (hot cast shell form) whereas the smaller Duck is solid. Duck’s weight equals the 2 Geese. On the bottom base of the Geese is an applied green felt, the duck is without such material.


Product Quantity: Only 1 Set in Stock. Set includes 2 Geese and 1 Duck Figurine.

Condition: Very good, cleaned but not polished and a slight patina exists. Currently (2018) shows some limited polish spots, which likely are from handling in interim of being offered here. Patina will in time continue to manifest, so if not wanting to shine them up, they should show well with this effect of aging.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 2.0” x L: 3.0“ x W: 1.25” for Geese

<-> H: 1.25” x L: 2-3/8“ x W: 7/8” for Duck

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